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Info on Paramau root oil

This has been discussed a few times on the BaliTravelForum site. I've found out the following about Lawang Root:

Hundreds of years ago Lawang Oil was discovered on two small islands on the Indonesian Archipelago. Considering there are more than 17,000 islands that constitute Indonesia, this makes Lawang Oil very rare indeed!!

Over four hundred years ago, as tradition has it, a villager discovered that by rubbing a leaf from a particular plant on his swollen and painful joints, he received considerable relief. It wasn't long before they discovered the art of distilling the oil from the leaves and bark of this plant, which was to become known as the Lawang Tree. As the tree was unique to their two islands, it gave them a very valuable product with which to barter among other islands.

Over a period of time they discovered other uses for the oil.

By gently massaging oil into the forehead, the pain of headaches was greatly reduced and by applying a small amount to an aching tooth again relief was found.

In the case of colds and symptoms of flu, they rub oil on their chests and inhale steam after a few drops of oil have been added to boiling water. But the main use was and still is for the relief of pain caused by Arthritis and Muscular Ailments.

Through word of mouth paramao Oil became available throughout Indonesia. To this day in Indonesia, Lawang Oil is still not distributed in a commercial fashion (e.g. shops and chemists) but is sold by hawkers as has been done for centuries.

paramao Oil, is a natural product from a tree and almost impossible to replicate artificially. The source of this oil is a very jealously guarded secret by the villagers that produce it.

paramao Oil as a natural and undiluted product lasts for a long time. A 50 ml. bottle used on a daily basis will last on average, six weeks.

paramao Oil has been analysed by one of Australia's leading laboratories to check for any impurities and has been found safe for use by both humans and animals.

We have also purchased bottles of of the Paramao Root oil in Bali on multiple occaisions & have declared them when arriving back in Perth, expecting to have them confiscated. The customs officer replied "is that the hot red oil? Thats good stuff & its ok to bring into the country"!! Its fantastic stuff - I am a Remedial Massage Therapist & use it on my clients all the time. Also use it for colds & flu & on my kids excema all with great results.

We purchased this pinkish oil in September, threw in the case, recently unpacked then used for massaging tired feet. It's good, very good, smells like a linament and can be used for several conditions including excema, headache, bites, etc. Apparently it should have been declared and may have been confiscated, oops didn't realise. There is a twisty white root in the bottle, perhaps from Timor, and it can be regenerated (infused) with the addition of more oil. There is absolutely no information on the internet about this plant or it's origins. Can anyone help?

I think it is also spelled as Paramau root oil (and maybe even Lawang Root, which is Syzygium aromaticum or Clove in English), you can infuse it with Coconut Oil or Olive Oil as much as you like! :)

Oh I wish we had have known that a few years ago. I was given a great shoulder massage by a hawker trying to sell me a bottle of it while we were waiting to be served a meal we had ordered. We didn't think we would be able to get it through customs so tried to explain that to the guy from East Timor trying to sell it to us. It wasn't long after the Aussie troops had gone to East Timor.

I tried to give him some money for the massage but he refused to take it from me saying that it was to say thankyou for what the Aussie troops were doing for his country.

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Well I sat in the front of a restaurant in Poppies 1 and a little man came in selling cd's so I asked. He said his friend sold it and disappeared. Ten minutes later he was back with it. 50,000 a bottle I bought 3 . Sorry but In didn't take any notice of the restaurant name as we just go into a different one every night and don't bother with names of them. I think that is because I have seeked out many mentioned here and find them all too westernised-catering mainly to the aussies. sorry but that's just my opinion.It was down near the Masa Inn, that much I can tell you.T hanks for the help with the oil